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Title: Five Letters
Characters: Rien
Word Count: ~1000
Summary: Rien tries to write a letter home to her mother.
Notes: Little fic for [personal profile] lunapome's game.

'Not that we can't relax or are always on the run or anything.' )
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Title: After the Bombs
Characters: Nexus and many others
Word Count: ~5400
Summary: Nexus' life after the war begins.
Notes: The fic is named after The Decemberists' "After the Bombs," which is on Nexus' FST.

And after the bombs subside / And this long, low campaign / Calls it good for the night )
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Title: Director's Cut
Characters: the full Adamant Company and Garagos
Word Count: ~1400
Summary: When the lights go down on the final episode, what does the cast do?
Notes: Be warned that this is very silly.

not at all canon )
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Title: Balance on the Earth
Characters: Nexus, Fourth, Drannor, Jakob Col, Urbanus, Underfoot, all the nexi
Word Count: ~3000
Summary: Nexus seeks to improve zir relationship with the nexi.
Notes: This takes place during the five-day planning period in adventure 58. The title is from "Green (Welcome to the World)," from Nexus' FST.

N.B. I am trying something I ought to have done a long time ago, and that is using progressive gender-neutral pronouns for Nexus.

I didn't do this before for a host of reasons, such as not knowing these pronouns well myself, not thinking I 'should' ask other people to use them, and most of all, thinking that Nexus/this game existed outside of real-world power structures. To make a very long story very short, that is not true; there is no such thing as a dehistoricized fantasy world when the fantasy world itself is created by people who are implicated in real-world power structures. I thought I was addressing anti-oppression by a) avoiding the default of making robots and/or fighters male, b) avoiding the assumption that a female player must play a female character. But in thinking that I only had to address two sides in a gender binary, I thought only of the sexism I personally face and not the transphobia that is equally heinous. Calling a person 'it' - even when the person is a character who, within the fantasy world, claims the power to create zir own meaning for that word - has harmful real-world implications. Choosing to ignore these implications meant prioritizing my recreational comfort over anti-oppression, and that is unequivocally wrong.

I could go on, both about what I really intended and how bad I feel ... but the point is not to get wanky over myself, but rather address and fix the actual problem. I am sorry I made this mistake at all, and I'm sorry the correction comes late.

For what it's worth, here are the pronouns I have chosen to use:
Zie hits Garagos.
Garagos hits zir.
Zir sword is Unfettered.
That sword is zirs.
Nexus tries not to get zirself killed.

Until you balance on the earth to find that love surrounds you )
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Title: Drabbles
Characters: Nexus, Margodah, Lyson, Vilda, Drannor
Word Count: 500
Summary: Snippets from various points in the campaign.
Notes: These are bits that never became larger fics, or are parts of fics that are unlikely to be finished. The Margodah dialogue came from [personal profile] ratzeo.

Exactly 100 words each! I'm so Type A. )
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Title: On Duty and Babies
Characters: Nexus and Luth
Word Count: ~1700
Summary: Nexus figures Luth is the best person to go to for advice about duty.
Notes: RP with [ profile] lunapome following adventure 53.

'You've come a long way, baby' )
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Title: Getting to Know All About You
Characters: Urbanus, Nexus, Vilda
Word Count: ~900
Summary: Urbanus' first appearance.
Notes: This is a really old RP with [personal profile] ratzeo that I found on my flash drive. I'm not sure why I never posted it. It was more or less complete when I found it, so I just cleaned it up a bit for posting.

Meeting the new baby )
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Title: "Long Live the King"
Characters: Erazema
Word Count: ~2100
Summary: I had a conversation with [ profile] ratzeo about what's going on in Erazema's head, and though he (of course) gave me no concrete answers, we talked about the two most likely possibilities based on the knowledge we've been able to glean. I tried to share this information with [ profile] lunapome and [personal profile] starbird, but condensing the conversation down to an abstract summary ended up with me sort of verbally flailing and not being very coherent, so I thought it would be easier to explain it narratively. So consider these two snippets as separate possible versions of canon. (Unless, of course, she's just been mind whammied or blackmailed or otherwise is not in possession of her own mind and will, in which case this whole thing is non-canon.)
Notes: The title is meant to refer to Coldplay's "Viva La Vida", which [ profile] lunapome suggested as Erazema's image song.

'And I discovered that my castles stand / Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand' )

'Just a puppet on a lonely string / Oh who would ever want to be king?' )
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Title: Sleepless Night
Characters: Luth, Nexus, Drannor
Word Count: ~2600
Summary: Luth continues to feel disturbed after killing Kadira, and talks to Nexus.
Notes: RP with [ profile] lunapome after adventure 45 and before Sapphire Nightmare.

Kadira messes with Luth's head from beyond the grave )
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Title: Inhuman Nature
Characters: Nexus, Luth, Drannor
Word Count: ~4200
Summary: A changeling, a nexi, and a ghost elf walk into a tavern ...
Notes: RP with [ profile] lunapome after the adventure in Calimport.

Luth's super-secret origin revealed! )


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