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The Palazzo: It earns the 5-star hotel rating with its giant suites and ridiculous number of flatscreen TVs. Unfortunately we were running around so much that we didn't get to fully enjoy the luxury of the room. I was glad of the cushy bed and elegant bathroom, though.

Phantom of the Opera (or "Phantom - The Las Vegas Spectacular"): I enjoyed this even more than I thought I would. Phantom has never been one of my absolute favorites, so I didn't expect to be affected as much as I was. It probably helped that our seats were in the dead center of the front row (though that meant I had to crane my neck to see the chandelier special effects) and the Vegas production is all about the fancy set effects. But I enjoyed the cast, particularly the Phantom, who clearly put a lot of effort into his physical performance along with his singing (imitating genteel gestures, facial expressions, trembling when Christine kisses him). And he made "Stranger Than You Dreamt It" actually tragic, and his final lines made me tear up.

I was momentarily knocked out of the spell of the show when Raoul showed up to rescue Christine at the end, and his white shirt had somehow become conveniently ripped open to display his manly cleavage. XD

Le Cirque: I went to this restaurant last year, and brought [personal profile] ratzeo this year because I wanted him to experience a fancy/expensive restaurant that was actually worth the cost. The food was as delicious as I remembered (they made a cucumber soup flavorful and tasty), and the atmosphere was not too you-only-matter-for-your-money.

O: I've seen 3 Cirque du Soleil shows now, and O is my favorite for overall experience - I was enthralled by every scene (with the exception of the comedic clown interludes, which were just okay - but I never seem to be won over by their comedic scenes). I like Ka better for its music, and for the spectacular scene where the Sister and the Firefly Boy use the sashes (which, sadly, was a type of act that didn't feature in O). But O has ridiculous use of rings, trapeze, parallel bars, diving, etc.

[profile] shadawyn and [profile] irishninja's wedding: It went off without a hitch! I think they're glad it's over, though.

[personal profile] ratzeo's and my first honest-to-goodness vacation together: ♥ ♥ ♥

The cats: We were only greeted with a minimal amount of vomit upon our return. Also, Drannor was very sweet; I picked him up when I walked in and he licked my forehead in greeting. Later when I took a nap, he spooned with me the whole time (he's usually a love 'em and leave 'em type who will cuddle for a few minutes and then find his own spot on the bed). Kershach, on the other hand, played it cool and didn't act impressed with our return. He didn't actively shun us, though, and now, 8 hours after I got home, he has finally flopped and showed his belly for me.
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I'm flying to Las Vegas tomorrow for [personal profile] augustphoenix and [personal profile] royalarchivist's wedding! I'm excited but right now it's "finish up last-minute things at the office OMG" time and it's making my head spin ...

But I'm looking forward to it. This is the first honest-to-goodness traveling vacation [personal profile] ratzeo and I have taken together, and we are splurging accordingly. Along with the wedding, we're going to be busy with fancy food (reservations at Le Cirque, yum!) and watching shows (front row seats for Phantom of the Opera and Cirque du Soleil's O, OMG!). All that and a 5-star hotel to come back to each night, whee.

I think it'll be good for me to take a break. Normally around this time of year I take Labor Day week off for a "stay-cation" at home. For various reasons, I didn't do it this year, and I think the lack of rest and recharge time is wearing on me. Not that Vegas is going to be particularly restful; but I think the mental break will do me good. Plus, y'know, I'll be celebrating with friends and watching shows, so that's worlds better than going to work.

I'll leave you with this amazing recipe for coffee cake. It really is awesome. (Just ... do yourself a favor and knock 1/2 cup of sugar from the cake ingredients, and 1/2 stick of butter from the topping. There's no way to make this healthy, but this way you won't feel sick after eating a couple of pieces.)
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1. I found a kibble that Drannor will eat!!! \o/ The poor boy has clearly been interested in food, but would always sniff hopefully and then walk away from whatever I put down for him. (And, okay, a cat can easily not eat for a week if it's finicky about food, and for the most part I was only mildly concerned; but I'm also a paranoid cat mama and we just had a cat at the shelter put down for fatty liver disease caused by not eating, so.) Finally, the fourth kibble I attempted (facilitated via samples provided by the fine folks at Mud Bay) was a smash hit. He gobbled it instantly, and happily set into a bowl of it.

As an added bonus, Kershach wasn't at all interested in it, which means I can set out their separate bowls of kibble and they won't eat each other's. Accidental win?

No idea, yet, what magic ingredient(s) turned Drannor on to this food. Perhaps I can figure it out and use that to find a canned food he'll eat ...

2. I made coffee with handmade milk foam. SUPER easy, and it's almost as good as the machine-made stuff.

3. Last night I re-watched Mamma Mia! with [ profile] kyonkun and [ profile] lunapome, as a silly and relaxing finish to a day of grocery shopping, eating, and happy hour-ing.

4. Adam Lambert's debut CD. I feel kind of silly for liking it, but he flings himself head-first into his performance, and I do love me some earnest, well-performed pop music.

5. I get to play [personal profile] ratzeo's game in 3 hours! \o/
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Between work and dashing off to a meeting with my old Women Studies classmates -

1. OUR APARTMENT IS BACK!!! The work was completed on Friday(-ish ... the carpet was shampooed, and it wasn't really dry until the end of the weekend), but on top of that we were faced with the prospect of cleaning up the detritus of the repairs, re-assembling our apartment, and moving out of our campsite in the empty unit. But we did it! And we're back home!!

2. [ profile] ratzeo and I did the bulk of the work on Saturday. Well, correction - [ profile] ratzeo did a big-ass load of the work on Friday night, while I was taking a nap. (Sneaky wonderful bastard. :P) But anyway, by the time we were done it was past 8:00 in the evening, I was tired and didn't want to cook, but I was starving and also wanted to get the hell out of our apartment for a bit. We ended up going to the Sand Point Grill to try it out. Not only was the food delicious, they have a Saturday special where a fixed price gets you a three-course meal made from local ingredients. A nice little place, and we plan to go back when we have another reason for a fancy-ish (read: pricey) dinner.

3. I got an ergonomic keyboard at work to help with my tendonitis, and I'm totally in love with it. I think it's helping the pain - I have a brace that I've been wearing, so it's already been getting better, but I think the keyboard is helping on top of that. Plus it's got quieter keys than my old clacky keyboard. I kind of want to steal it for home on the weekends. :x

4. Vienna Teng's new CD, Inland Territory, is lovely. And I get to see her perform it live next week!

5. The aforementioned meeting. I haven't seen these ladies in months (or more!).
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I need to kick-start my morning to get past the Monday blahs ...

1. I found my ring! This is the ring that [ profile] ratzeo gave me a couple of years ago for Christmas, which I wear every day ... and somehow lost last weekend. Not only was it irritating because I hate misplacing things, I was actually pretty sad about the thought of losing it. (I found it, rather anti-climactically, in one of my jeans pockets.)

2. [ profile] lunapome came over on Saturday, and, among other things, we watched the Mamma Mia! movie. I probably shouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did, but it just has an irresistable charm (thanks, in no small part, to the fact that the cast seemed to have agreed to dedicate themselves to un-selfconscious and goodnatured stupidity). Pierce Brosnan's singing was compared by reviewers to a water buffalo and a wounded raccoon, and I can't argue with that ... but it was still a blast.

3. I watched [ profile] ratzeo play some online versus Left 4 Dead, and it was actually entertaining to watch. It helped that I finally got to see him play single-player mode earlier, so I knew what was going on. Once you get to versus mode, everything happens at once and it's hard to tell what the appeal of the game is, besides, "Things are exploding! Isn't that exciting!"

4. Speaking of [ profile] ratzeo, he is the bestest thing that ever bested.

5. I woke up in the middle of the night to Kershach grooming my eyebrow. I nudged him away (it stings!) and he stopped for a second, then started again. I nudged him again and he quit for good. This is a better rate of success than we've had stopping him from grooming [ profile] ratzeo's head, which he will go to town on for minutes.
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I'm fighting off the remnants of a cold that laid me low on Thursday ... but, all things considered, my weekend is off to a good start.

1. Work: All things considered, work is going pretty well. I was out sick on Thursday, but I took the opportunity to work from home for a few hours and get some (easy but time-consuming) tasks done while I didn't have the distractions of the office. I was still only half-functional on Friday, but the office was closed for admissions, so I had more low-distraction work time. Plus, everyone being in the office together, with our doors closed to the outside, generates a stronger sense of camaraderie.

My work stress is just declining in general, though, and that's fantastic. Admittedly, a good chunk of that is because the high-stress period of the year (for my position) is winding down. However, I do think I'm doing a decent job of sticking to my resolutions and keeping my work stress in perspective.

2. Old friends: Last night after work I met some old friends from school (the group I went to the NWSA conference with) for the first time in several months. One of our friends hosted, and we put together a potluck dinner that turned out amazingly delicious (port, bread and cheese, couscous, samosas ...). Spending time with these friends is always such a positive, energizing experience, because they're funny, whip-smart, and passionate about justice.

I notice that this is something I really need to have in my life, even if it's just every couple of months. My closest friends are geek-types, and that's what I love on a day-to-day basis ... but at the same time, the things that get us really fired up (and "angry," if you want to say that, but not in a negative way) don't always overlap. And being fired up in a social context that doesn't match - that can turn into just feeling angry-in-a-negative-way. So being able to plop myself into a group of people who say "yes, we're angry about what you're angry about, and let's use that to generate ways to resist and rebuild" is valuable.

3. Kittens: The friend who hosted dinner last night has 4-month old kittens. XD They are absolutely adorable, little gray tabby boys whose stripes are more like splotches and make them look wild (they were, in fact, found abandoned in the woods). There was a little short-haired boy with a near-prehensile tail who sat in my lap after I stole his sleeping spot (a.k.a. sat in the chair he was on), and a fluffy long-haired boy with a face like a (tiny) bobcat. Like all kittens, they felt like they could fit in a single handful. Eeeeee~

4. Cuddles: I am lucky to live with two very cuddly boys who will give me snuggles after a long day at work. ♥ Kershach in particular is an excellent source of healing, when he is curled up into a kitty "C" and lets me just lay my head on his cushy fur and listen to him breathing (asleep) or purring (awake). He is also highly skilled in the art of the sleeping-in-on-a-weekend good-morning cuddle.

[ profile] ratzeo is not a snorgleable fluffball, but he does a good job nonetheless. ;)

5. Tea: I continue to be addicted to Adagio tea, and decided to try their rooibos tea, even though my last experience with loose leaf rooibos from another tea company went poorly (the scent was so cloying it made me nauseous). Whether Adagio's rooibos is better, or my tastes have changed, or both, I am now smitten with their Rooibos Almond.

Although I guess this is both good and bad, because it makes me want to make another tea order ... even though I've made two large orders within the past month. *headdesk*

Boring tea babble: I've found myself gravitating toward flavored tea recently. Partly that's because I'm branching out as a tea nerdconnoisseur and just trying new things. But also, the flavored tea I've had the most experience with are the kinds you can find easily - which translates to bagged black teas from grocery stores. Flavored black teas tends to have a muted taste, I think, because black tea is so strong - or, conversely, the flavoring is overpowering and fake-tasting in order to compensate. On the other hand, herbal teas (which I've learned are called "tisanes" *The More You Know rainbow*) don't have to pit the flavoring against the strong taste of black tea, because they're just fruit pieces or flowers. I think that provides more of the actual flavor I'm looking for, and is a lot tastier - though of course YMMV.

*Last-minute #6: Junk email with a subject line of, "Your shlong can be shlonger."
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Some happy things:

1. [ profile] lunapome and [ profile] music_enforcer stopped by last night, and it's always good to see them. (Incidentally, they were giving [ profile] ratzeo a ride back from work, and it's good to see him too. XD)

2. [ profile] music_enforcer also fixed whatever-it-was that was making my computer stop recognizing an internet connection, yays. (That was the most pressing recent problem with my computer, so now it's functional, maybe in need of updating but not replacing. Phew.)

3. [ profile] ratzeo helped me out by acting as a sounding board for a work conundrum. (Though tackling the conundrum is still intimidating. :/)

4. Last night I got to watch Kershach wage epic battle with a tea leaf. XD Tea leaves, crumbs, etc. are really visible on our pale kitchen floor, so he often investigates and plays with them. This time, he did that thing that cats do, where they not only stalk and pounce on their "prey" ... they also witness its terrible might, and occasionally flee in a mad scramble from its horrific onslaught. Of course, on our linoleum floor, that also meant that Kershach scrabbled for several seconds before getting the traction to actually go anywhere. XD

5. Flannel bedsheets! We just broke them out this weekend, and they're so warm. *_*
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5 happy things for a Monday:

1. Work didn't explode last week! Which ... granted, I didn't really expect it to, but I'm glad that my hopes were proven correct over my paranoia. :P The next few weeks and months are tough, but definitely look more doable from this vantage point.

2. Kershach had a check-up at the vet on Saturday, and he managed pretty well - more curious than nervous at being taken outside, and only slightly pouty when we got home. Also, the vet said he looked good, and is fattening up nicely from his stray weight. :3

3. A wonderful articulation of why I am allowed to be angry without being shut down by condescending cynics. (Please note that, despite what some commenters seem to think, this sentiment condemns neither those who are too weary to share in my anger, nor does it promote anger as the best/only way to respond to injustice.)

4. On Saturday [ profile] ratzeo and I used the tickets I got him as a birthday present, and watched Spring Awakening with [ profile] music_enforcer and [ profile] lunapome. Unfortunately ... we weren't really impressed with the show. :/ Fortunately, the performers were good, even if the show itself wasn't that great, and it provided plenty of conversation material as we dissected it. ;) Then we stayed in for the evening and watched Juno, which was one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

5. On Sunday evening, [ profile] ratzeo and I were both worn out, so we spent a quiet evening in. Just the two of us (plus cat), with dinner, wine, and Mario Galaxy. It helped me face Monday morning. ♥
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I went to a Nightwish concert last night with [ profile] shadawyn, [ profile] amheriksha, and [ profile] jfrog78. My first metal concert ever! XD

The opening band )

Nightwish! )

Thoughts on Anette versus Tarja )

Requisite 'those damn kids' grumbling )

Aftermath )
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1. My co-worker brought in a giant tupperware full of hand-picked strawberries (which is still only a fraction of the 36 pounds she picked!). Delicious.

2. [ profile] ratzeo sent me a home video of him running down the side of a mountain in Montana. (Truly, I am the luckiest girlfriend in the world. :P) I was even happier than I would have guessed at being able to see his face, even in a small window on my computer.

3. [ profile] ratzeo also gave me a good kick in the pants to help me get out of the funk I've been in. I already knew myself that I've been over-stressing and under-enjoying, but he both knows me well enough to recognize patterns I miss in my own behavior, and also ... well, he's way more chill than I am. The combination is deadly to depression. ;D

4. My current desktop.

5. Going to see WALL-E this weekend with [ profile] redbird and [ profile] nekokoban!
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