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posted by [personal profile] sigelphoenix at 10:30am on 10/09/2008 under ,
I went to a Nightwish concert last night with [ profile] shadawyn, [ profile] amheriksha, and [ profile] jfrog78. My first metal concert ever! XD

-The opening band was Sonata Arctica, another Finnish metal band. I was impressed by how entertained I was, even though they're not quite my style. They put on a good show.

-Any lead singer who fuzzles his guitarist's hair on-stage is okay in my book. Not to mention grabs a pick and plays on said guitarist's guitar while he's still holding it. And does other things that made me and [ profile] amheriksha raise our eyebrows at each other in shameless slash fangirl glee. (More on-stage slashiness later!)

-I still would have preferred to cut out the time taken by the band (~1 hour) and saved my legs from standing so long. :P

-Quote from the end of the set:

Audience: *incoherent screaming, probably some sort of reference to one of the band's songs or something*

[ profile] jfrog78: A PONY!


Audience: *same incoherent screaming*

[ profile] jfrog78: A PONY!


Audience: *same incoherent screaming*

[ profile] jfrog78: I would really like a pony.


-Uh, more info? Anette, the lead singer, had great stage presence and was cute without being annoying (despite the fact that she had her hair blonde and wore hot pink and black, which isn't always a comforting sign). She wasn't trying to be super dramatic or hardcore, she just had fun and poured out her energy for us on stage.

-Another person I liked watching was Jukka, the drummer. Every time I looked at him (which was fairly often, because ever since Rock Band I've been interested in watching drummers :P), he was totally rocking out, wailing on his drumset for all he was worth and usually singing along with the vocalist(s). Really fun.

-Jukka also tossed out his drumsticks at the end of the show, and one of them was even in my general vicinity. Alas, I was too chicken to dive into the pile of bodies grabbing for it. :P

-Marco (bass) and Emppu (guitar) were also awfully cute with each other, doing things like synchronized rocking out, and posing for photo ops with Emppu tugging on Marco's twin beards. The on-stage slashiness was just all over the place last night. XD

-Tuomas, on keyboards, had a neat hat. :D However, he also looked like he was going to cry at various points during the show. (Since he writes most of the music, I assume he was just very moved?)

-Hearing "The Poet and the Pendulum," a 13-minute song in several movements, performed live on stage was a real treat.

-I first started listening to Nightwish not too long ago, when Anette was already the lead singer. I've gone back and listened to stuff with the original singer, Tarja, as well as getting her new solo album.

-My general feeling is that I like Tarja better solo and Anette better with Nightwish. I know lots of fans have very heated love/hate feelings about one or the other, but I like them both. I just think Tarja's dramatic, operatic voice works better on the musical style she has in her solo career, whereas Anette's more pop-oriented voice is good for the Nightwish music. Like [ profile] shadawyn, I like individual Tarja-Nightwish songs, but I like the entire Dark Passion Play album, which is when Anette joined them. (Of course, this is not all Tarja's fault, as it also has to do with the band growing and improving.)

-Last night the band performed some older songs, so they were ones that were originally recorded with Tarja on vocals. I have to say, I really like the Anette versions - some of them even better than the Tarja versions (for instance, "Wish I Had an Angel," which they performed during their encore). These versions felt less melodramatic - and while I fully admit I go for melodramatic a lot of the time, there are times when it gets over the top and sort of silly. The songs I liked best as Anette versions were the ones that were at the "too much" mark for me in their original forms.

-This was an all-ages show. However, people who ate at the 21+ on-site lounge first got to go in first. So we got to stand fairly close to the front.

-... and then the kids arrived. *sigh* I'm sure most of the teenagers were just fine. But there were plenty of something-to-prove pubescents who really hampered my ability to enjoy the show. They didn't ruin it entirely, but it was like being constantly flicked in the ear while I was trying to watch and listen.

-Highlight #1 was Squirrel Girl - small and bippy, who liked to jump, headbang, and dance around, without modifying her movements for the tightly packed concert floor, which made her bushy hair fly in people's faces. Looked around at us constantly when she stood in front of us - we couldn't decide whether it was in annoyance, challenge, or seeking validation.

-Highlight #2 was Dumbass With No Concept of Personal Bubbles. His friend shoved in front of me before I could stop her, but I didn't let him by, so I ended up between the two of them. He kept reaching past me to tap her on the shoulder and share "witticisms" about the show, which was annoying enough - until the nth time he couldn't hear her, he yelled "What?" and leaned down in my face. They laughed like it was funny. I, who had to wipe his sweat off of my own forehead, was not so amused. I really wish I'd had the wherewithal to do something besides glare balefully at him.

-General fun for everyone was the trains of teenagers who shoved their way into the front. *eyeroll* Luckily, [ profile] jfrog78 and [ profile] amheriksha joined up with other adults (include an elementary school teacher who used the Mommy Voice on the teenagers XD) to form an impenetrable wall, which kept me and [ profile] shadawyn mostly shielded.

-I need to figure out a better way to deal with these asshats. As it is, I just stood with my arms crossed and knees bent when people came too close, so when they attempted to shove (or do some "way cool" jumping up and down right in my space) they were subjected to my ruthlessly pointy bony bits.

-Oh god my knees. I'm too old to stand up for this long. :P

-The last time I remember standing for an entire show was watching Othello at the Globe Theatre in London. Slightly, er, different venue. XD But both shows had the same benefit of being so good that I didn't care about my discomfort during the show itself, and only really noticed it during intermissions or afterwards.

-I think I have all my hearing back now. Probably.

-[ profile] jfrog78 was awfully kind and drove us all home after the show. Getting to sleep in my own bed, even if I was up way past my bedtime and sleep-deprived today (which has been fun ... I think it's time for coffee), helped a lot.

-And in a month or so, we see Kamelot! This time with added [ profile] irishninja. :D
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posted by [identity profile] at 09:47pm on 10/09/2008
But who doesn't want a pony?
posted by [identity profile] at 01:39pm on 11/09/2008
It was a great time :D
posted by [identity profile] at 04:09pm on 11/09/2008
It was! Thank you for organizing it. :D
posted by [identity profile] at 02:24pm on 13/09/2008
Oh man, I wish I had heard the pony part. I was screaming "BOYS" as loud as I could. :D

Yeah, the teenagers definitely caused the concert to not be as cool as it could have been. I felt so old, wanting to go and loudly complain about the mosh pit to the owners of the venue. Those morons should have gotten thrown out. D: *is crotchety and knows it*
posted by [identity profile] at 12:45pm on 15/09/2008
No worries, I am just as crotchety as you. :P Seriously, I know the rules are different at a metal concert than, say, musical theatre, but the concept is the same: don't mess with other people's enjoyment of the show. D:<

We can be mercilessly crotchety grown-ups together at the next show. D


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