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I've been watching a lot of movies lately, mostly because I'm on vacation this week and [personal profile] ratzeo and I randomly decided to spend it with holed up at home with a stack of dvds from Scarecrow.

Actually, the kick-off to my movie binge was seeing Captain America: The First Avenger )

Since I became solidly enthusiastic about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, next I saw Thor )

To complete our viewing of the Avengers-related movies, we rented The Incredible Hulk )

We also rented The Losers )

This morning, we watched Monsters vs Aliens )

Also in our Scarecrow haul are RocknRolla (also on [personal profile] starbird's recommendation, though I have to admit that it jumped up my priority list after I noticed that Idris Elba was in it ...), Blade Runner (because neither [personal profile] ratzeo nor I have seen it, even though it's a sci-fi classic), and Nine (to scratch my musical itch).

Stay-cations are awesome. :D
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David Tennant causes me to (continue to) wrestle with the question of: Is he sexy in spite of being ridiculously silly, or because of it? Also, am I desperate enough to see this movie just to see more of him in guyliner?

Alex Kingston is simultaneously adorable and sexy in a Craig Ferguson interview (prior to season 6, no specific spoilers). I found the video here, and [personal profile] box_in_the_box helpfully included a link to this advertisement for the Rampant Rabbit that Kingston mentions. Now, I know I'm a sheltered USian and Europeans are used to television that isn't deathly afraid of sexuality, but ... I wonder if this actually aired on television, and if it did, that's AWESOME.

Here are some more adorable and silly interviews with Craig Ferguson, this time with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. This whole cast just seems ridiculously fun.
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A new, unspecified "anime project" has been green-lit. It's been years since I watched Kenshin, but this takes me back to my teenaged fannish days and fills me with all sorts of nostalgic glee.

Also, I'm linking to this page instead of the original announcement because the poster added a piece of fanart by Julie Dillon, who is awesome, and is also doing the cover for the Royal Archivist universe guidebook, and that's awesome.
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There's just over a day left in the Royal Archivist funding project. It's over the funding goal, which is fantastic, but I want to give one final heads-up because the more funding it receives, the more art RA can buy (action scenes! landscapes!). Also, the rewards for donating are pretty nifty, so if you want freebies like art-filled version of the universe guidebook (in PDF) or a physical print, you might as well donate now than later.

*I will, no doubt, continue posting requests/PSAs as various RA products come out.
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5 days left! $430 to go!

Please consider chipping in! Even $10 will help us get closer to the goal.

(See my earlier entry for details.)
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In the midst of all the various aggravating or horrific things going on, I'd like to talk about something that makes me happy: Royal Archivist.

Royal Archivist publishes speculative fiction in various mediums set in a shared universe that explicitly invites and is impacted by fan contributions. We see ourselves not so much as a publishing company, but as a storytelling company, producing fiction, setting-expanding guidebooks, sequential art, roleplaying scenarios, regular columns, audio works and more, all tied together by our setting and the contributions of our fans.

We believe that by creating in a wide variety of media, we open the door to both a greater number and greater diversity of contributors. From the beginning, it has been our goal to see our shared universe populated by characters traditionally underrepresented in fiction, speculative or otherwise. Expect to see protagonists who are also people of color. Expect non-traditional gender roles, and non-traditional genders. Expect us to be a place that your story can be told. Join us, and expect more from our world.

In other words, to pull out two examples from their FAQ that appeal the most to me: it's like the Forgotten Realms D&D setting, or DC and Marvel's comic book universes, with the one major difference being that the founding philosophy incorporates anti-oppression as a welcome and necessary component.

Excited? 'Cause I am.

The launch date is March 14, but in the meantime you can sign up for the weekly newsletter and look into submitting your work.

At the moment, what RA needs most help with is their Kickstarter project, seeking money with which to hire artists. They have $1700 of the $2500 goal needed by March 1. If you have any interest in what they're doing (speculative fiction informed by anti-oppression! who doesn't?) and a little cash to spare, please take a look and see what level of pledge - taking note of the rewards offered - you can afford.

Full disclosure: the people behind this company are close personal friends of mine. To me, the only difference that makes is that I've already had the opportunity to see their work in these arenas (fiction, game design, GMing) and know them as trustworthy in regards to issues of privilege and oppression.
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I wish I didn't have to root for the sidekicks so much. Granted, there are ways in which it's easier to make peripheral characters more interesting than the main one(s). Sidekicks can be enigmatic, or pop up occasionally to do something hilarious or awesome, whereas the main character gets the most screen time and we see him in all his mundanity along with whatever awesome he has.

(I remember a comment that Megan Mullally - I'm pretty sure it was - made about the show Will & Grace. Her character, Karen, and a character named Jack were sidekicks to the titular characters, and were more outspoken and flamboyant, major scene-stealers. Someone commented that there should be a Jack & Karen show, and she responded that if there were, there'd be another "Jack" and "Karen" who were more popular than them.)

All that said - in The Cape, I find Max and Orwell much more compelling than Vince, even with the above qualifying information.

Take Max. character spoilers through episode 3 )
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Since I've been on a Batman kick lately, I made an avatar of Nightwing for my Rock Band band. I named him Dick. Rock Band helpfully informed me that this name is not what people consider "classy," and that his name will not show up on Xbox Live.

Also, I have dressed him in a ... shall we say, homage to his 80s Discowing outfit.

Also also, it is pretty amusing to have Dick sing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." I'm just saying.
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I've gotten to the point where I haven't posted anything in so long that I feel like what I do end up posting ought to be significant in proportion to the amount of time I haven't blogged. But then I feel intimidated, so I don't write, so I feel like my next post should be even more significant, and so on.

So I'm just going to write down one-paragraph thoughts, rather than sitting around and hoping they grow into full-fledged posts.

On food )

On naive characters )

On 'The Last Airbender' and my pet peeves against certain protestors )
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Undercovers, a new show by J.J. Abrams slated to start in fall, is an action-drama about a husband and wife spy team.

That husband and wife, Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, are also Black. I'm excited and intrigued, because the last time we've had prominent Black characters like this on mainstream U.S. television has been ... never?

Also, Gugu Mbatha-Raw played Tish Jones, a.k.a. the sister of Martha, in Doctor Who. 8D


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