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posted by [personal profile] sigelphoenix at 08:48am on 06/08/2008 under , ,
Three things happened yesterday that have really taken a load off my mind. In ascending order:

-I'm getting a new phone at work! For some reason, when the University folks installed my work station, they gave me a phone that was different from everyone else's in the office. This means that my phone a) doesn't show the number of the caller, b) doesn't have the capacity for two phone lines, and c) doesn't give a visual cue that I have voicemail. None of these are work-stopping, but they're rather annoying and inefficient. However, we had originally been told that it would be really expensive (as in, three digits) to get this fixed, so I was told (and I reluctantly agreed) that it would be more efficient to wait until the autumn, when we are likely going to be moving around, and thus rearranging our phones, anyway.

Yesterday I was told that we were given a better quote (down to two digits), so I get a new phone! This should happen in a week or two - and I'm happy to wait that long, rather than a couple of months.

-We hired my replacement yesterday! Again, this won't go into effect for about two weeks, but at least the end of half-days-at-the-job-I-no-longer-have is in sight!

-Yesterday after work, [ profile] ratzeo and I signed the lease to our new apartment. ♥ This is a place that I had actually looked at last week, and even started the application process for, but I waffled a lot because of the size. I love everything else about the apartment, and the apartment complex is great and well-reviewed, but the apartment is an oversized one-bedroom. So it's about the size of a decent two-bedroom (and probably less expensive), but I worried that this wouldn't be enough space/rooms for the two of us, because we're both people who need our space. Poor [ profile] kyonkun and [ profile] shadawyn have heard about my concerns at length. :P

But on Monday our (larger) first choice apartment fell through, so I took Sean to see this apartment in person yesterday. With the two of us there, it was easier to visualize how we would comfortably share the space - not to mention easier to visualize us making this place our home, which was a big factor - so we went ahead and signed the papers. I'm not absolutely certain we won't look for a larger space eventually, but I am mostly certain we'll be perfectly happy in this space for now.

Which means my two-month-long apartment hunt is over, whoo!

And today, I'm sitting at home in my PJs because I'm going to work two hours late. Granted, that's because I'm staying two hours late today, but at least that means I got to sleep in.
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posted by (anonymous) at 11:34am on 06/08/2008
Yay! Congratulations on finding the perfect apartment! :] LoL, now comes the planning-the-apartment phase, and then the "nesting" phase after you move in. XD;; And... I thought Myra was supposed to live with you? Or is she staying in your original place?

Anyway, glad to hear from you again! I felt sad during that last long gap because I hadn't read anything from people I knew -- your sissy wasn't blogging either :p -- and one can only read so many cooking/life-in-France blogs a day, haha. ;]

posted by [identity profile] at 12:34pm on 06/08/2008
Yeah, it's just going to be me and [ profile] ratzeo. Primarily because I wanted to go find a place that would let me have a cat. :D

Sorry I've been AWOL for so long - the new job and apartment hunt really drained my energy for other things. But I do plan to get back to the stuff I've let fall by the wayside, now.
posted by (anonymous) at 12:56pm on 06/08/2008
Omg, speaking of cats, I went to the PetCo by my apt a couple weekends ago because the SPCA was holding an adoption faire, and I saw so many kitties! My favorite was a tabby named Opie because he would climb onto your shoulder to suck on your ear and purr at the same time!! Needless to say, I left Petco smitten and with wet, red ears. I was very sad that I couldn't adopt. :'[ Get a cute one for me!

posted by [identity profile] at 03:51pm on 06/08/2008
Oh man, adoption fairs are dangerous. Too many cute kittens. D:

I'm definitely not adopting a kitten, though. Way too much energy for me. :P Whatever I get will be cute, though. :D
posted by [identity profile] at 11:57am on 06/08/2008
Congrats on the new apartment! :D When do you move in?
posted by [identity profile] at 12:12pm on 06/08/2008
Thank you!

We plan to move over Labor Day weekend, but we'll actually have the apartment several days before that, so hopefully we can start moving things a little at a time to ease the moving madness.
posted by [identity profile] at 12:23pm on 06/08/2008
That's all great news! Especially the apartment! I'm so glad you guys have found a place. :) Is this the one up in Lake City?
posted by [identity profile] at 12:35pm on 06/08/2008
Thank you! The new apartment is actually quite close to my current house, so I'll be able to visit [ profile] kyonkun a lot. XD
posted by (anonymous) at 03:36pm on 06/08/2008
YAY! 8D Oh, that's good. I was worried for you guys, but yay! We'll have to throw you a house warming party. I'll be leading the charge with cooking impliments, if you want. ^_^
posted by [identity profile] at 03:54pm on 06/08/2008
Thank you! I was worried myself. (Just a little bit. ;) )

A housewarming party would be awesome. Cooking implements would be doubly awesome - I've spent so much time sharing the roommates', I'll have to figure out what I actually own. o_o


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