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My cat is weird

When we first got Kershach, he used to be more of a cuddler. He was always too fussy to be much of a lap cat if you picked him up, but when it was clear you'd planted yourself in one spot for awhile, he'd often show up.

This was often the case when [personal profile] ratzeo sat down in front of a video game, even when it was one as loud and violent as Dead Space. The evidence, from 3 years ago:




He's gotten pretty skittish over the past couple of years (ever since we got Drannor and he realized his grand self-image as an unstoppable badass was incorrect ... but he seems to really love Drannor so I don't feel too bad). Most of the time he'll leap off our laps in terror if we try to put him there. Only once in a blue moon is [personal profile] ratzeo or I graced with the presence of a lap!Kershach.

Just now, though, Kershach sauntered up to [personal profile] ratzeo and settled himself in his lap. Incidentally, [personal profile] ratzeo had just sat down to start up Dead Space 2. Because space horror with screaming alien monsters is ... comforting?

I don't understand my cat.
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[personal profile] cypher 2011-12-04 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Maybe he feels that you need a fuzzy purring security blanket if you're going to be exposed to something that scary. :<