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2012-05-09 11:09 am
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Personal landmarks

First, context: I hate embarrassment more than just about any other feeling in the world, and physical embarrassment is even worse because (I feel) it's more noticeable. Also, when I'm embarrassed for any reason, I have a strong physical reaction of my body locking up.

Last night, I nearly fell on my ass during salsa class, which was remarkable not because of the infrequency with which I fall on my ass or am otherwise clumsy (haha, no), but because of my reaction: I was okay with it.

I was partner-less for a rotation because we had more follows than leads last night, so I took the time to work on the one-and-a-half spin that we've been learning. That in itself is an improvement over what I used to be able to do, because I'm usually shy about learning things in front of other people (see above re: physical embarrassment), so flailing around solo in the middle of class is progress for me (when the instructor has us practice moves facing the mirror, I have to keep my eyes locked on her rather than watching myself, because then I imagine that everyone is staring at me while I look awkward ... even though I'm sure the others are more concerned with their own learning). Anyway, I guess I was dizzy from what I'd already done with a partner, because I totally swung myself off balance and nearly ate it.

I was definitely flustered, and more cautious about trying it again (though I did, eventually, and kept stumbling a little ... I think I was just having an off night). But I didn't stop practicing; I just told myself everyone else was focused on their own dancing (which is probably true) and kept going. And I didn't want to stuff myself in a dark closet to curl up in a ball! At least, not much. Progress!
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2012-03-21 09:33 pm
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Charming moments during waltz class

When your instructor is having you practice transitioning back and forth between closed position and promenade, and the sweet older man you're dancing with (who is very tall and taking the class with his very short, cute wife) starts making jet noises.
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2012-01-05 10:08 pm
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I was being so good about keeping track of my dance class experiences here, and then I pretty much forgot for the month of December. :P

So let's see ... I finished the beginner salsa class, and it was a lot of fun. During the final session, I danced with my instructor M, and she took all the bits we'd learned and threw them at me in different combinations. By the end of our rotation I'd taken it all and not missed a beat, and she said "Yeah!" and internally I was saying "YEAH!!!" XD I definitely want to take her level 2 class, though it's offered quite frequently so I might hold off and do other classes first.

I also finished re-taking beginning Argentine tango, and I'm going to give that a break for now. When I danced with instructor M in the final session of that class, I did not manage to do all the moves she threw at me. :P I don't want to give up on it, but it just isn't clicking with me very well. Hopefully, as I take more classes and get better, I'll reach a point at which I can come back and try it again with more success. Right now, I'm trying to commit a lot of basics to my muscle memory, so trying to add the peculiar basics of Argentine tango is just too much for me.

The introductory ballroom class I started at the beginning of December just ended last week (though I missed the final session), and it really did kick my butt. Instructor C told us in the first session that she would give us more information than we could really process or remember, and she was true to her word - telling us all about how we should make this or that step, and why we hold our bodies this way, etc. Some instructors might just say "step here and here" and save the details about how to hold your body or move your feet until later (instructor M did a bit of this, though she still taught us plenty of technique). So when we did waltz, even though I've already taken a class (only 4 weeks, admittedly), I was unexpectedly challenged - suddenly I had to pay attention to the rise and fall or how to rise to the left in hold.

The class was really about the basics, and not about getting a solid grasp of any one dance. I did like getting a taste of foxtrot and cha-cha, though. We also did west coast swing, which I've done before, but a different variation than I'd learned. I think I'd like to learn more cha-cha sometime.

This month I'm taking a beginning waltz class from C. The first session was a bit quick, because all of the students had had some waltz instruction before, so I'm hopeful about how much I'll learn.
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2011-12-01 10:18 pm
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Ow, my feet

I've been somewhat lucky in that, over the course of the four beginner dance classes I've taken through the university, I haven't really had my feet stepped on by partners. But tonight, on the first night of a new class at a new venue downtown ... I seem to have made up for all that missed time. >_<

I wouldn't actually mind too much - we're beginners; it happens - but my feet were already a bit sore because I'm breaking in my new shoes. (If you're curious, these are the shoes - they're character shoes, rather than actual ballroom or Latin shoes, which the local dance shop recommended because they are lower in both heel and cost. I am a liiiiittle worried that I got a size that's too small, but I'm crossing my fingers that they just need to be broken in.)

Anyway, the class itself was pretty cool. It's an introductory course to social ballroom, covering four dances (foxtrot, waltz, cha cha, and swing) over five weeks. So, not very in depth. At the beginning of the hour, I had a moment of worry that I might've wasted the not-insignificant amount of money it cost to register, since the instructor emphasized how little content we would cover, and how rudimentary the course would be. In the end, though, I'm glad I'm in the class. As we were covering the basics (foxtrot was tonight's dance), the instructor talked constantly both about what our bodies should be doing, and why they should be doing those things. She did acknowledge that a lot of that information would not stick, at least on this first go-round, but I loved hearing it - I really like building an understanding of why something works the way it does, and I do believe this part of the learning will make me a better dancer.

As for the other two courses, salsa is really fun and I'm going to take the next level in January; Argentine tango continues to kick my butt and yet I'm still somehow compelled by it. :P

This week was actually pretty full, because the intro course is offered at a place that does monthly courses, whereas the salsa and Argentine tango classes are scheduled based on the school calendar; so for this week and next week I'll be taking three classes each week. Whew. But, at least I won't go class-less over the school break and totally get out of practice.
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2011-11-16 09:25 pm
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I need a dancing icon!

I think I've felt terrified at the beginning of each session of dance class I've attended. I still do it, obviously, but there's always that surge of "What do you think you're doing here?" at the beginning.

(This was probably exacerbated by me watching the beginner hip-hop class that takes place right before my class starts, and waffling between, "I could maybe try doing that" and "ooh, that looks hard, I'd just make a fool of myself.")

That being said, Argentine tango went well tonight. I'm getting better at following, in that particularly devilish kind of following AT requires, which I think you can boil down to, "You don't have any idea what's coming next, HA!" I still had a lot of stops and starts with my various partners, but I think I am understanding how to respond to their leading - and thus responding - better overall. I danced with one guy who had taken the same class with me last session, and he led a move that we learned last session but hadn't yet gotten to this session (ochos) - I was caught off-guard and didn't pivot like I was supposed to, but I did actually turn and step in the places I was supposed to, just because my body responded to his lead.

It's funny; this stage of, "I generally know what my body is supposed to do based on what the lead does, yay!" came immediately with waltz, but I'm still clawing my way to it in AT. :P

Happily, some of our leads were students from the instructor's intermediate AT class, so they were stronger and smoother leads than the beginners (nothing against them - and I really noticed improvement in one of them - it's just fun to dance with people who know better what they're doing). There was one guy who, when I took my turn with him, made me feel like I was actually doing the dance I'd seen and admired - slow, but controlled, with bursts of sharp movement. There was a nice quality to his leading - it wasn't that he shoved me around, but more like there was a hairsbreadth of mild/gentle leading to show me what to do, so that I could go with him when he moved more firmly and we hit the step in a sharp, showy way (well, it'd be showy if I were more polished). This gives me hope that I still have the potential to learn the really "boom! pow!" kind of AT that I like to watch.
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2011-11-15 09:06 pm

Dancing my troubles away

On the one hand, work made me want to cry today.

On the other hand, I went to salsa class and one of the leads told me I was the best dancer he'd danced with all night.*

I also bought my first yarn (I've been learning to knit on tools donated to me by [profile] shadawyn) for my first scarf, which I'm knitting for [personal profile] ratzeo.

Now if only I could be as happy at work as I am outside of it.

*Unfortunately, because he was trying not to announce it to the rest of the class, he sort of said it into the back of my hair, which made my personal space sensors go off. Lucky for him, my reaction to being startled like that was not to headbutt the offender.
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2011-11-09 09:49 pm
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Dancing log, entry 1

I've always wanted to learn how to dance. I've made a go at learning a couple of times - in elementary school, my parents put my sister and me in traditional Chinese dance lessons for a couple of months; in high school, I took a west coast swing class; and in college, I went to lindy hop lessons given by a campus club. But I was just dabbling - I never thought I could actually get good, because I never thought of myself as a "dancer." I just assumed that "dancers" were people who'd taken ballet/jazz/etc. since the age of 6, and would forever and always be dancers, and the rest of us just weren't. I certainly wished I could be, but I was too sure that my age/clumsiness/introversion/inability to wiggle my hips meant that I shouldn't try now. And one thing I've always been good at is talking myself out of things, especially when it comes to convincing myself why I should try something new.

In possibly one of the cheesiest and most prosaic stories of inspiration ever, I started reconsidering my attitude when I began watching Dancing With the Stars. Here I was reminded of the grace and glamour that originally impressed me about dancing, all with high-budget glitz and a good bit of reality TV drama besides. And on top of that, the premise is that non-dancing celebrities get intense, one-on-one training in order to become dancers - celebrities who are already adults, usually have little or no dance experience, and often learn to become elegant and sexy dancers (or at least pull off some elegant and sexy performances).

So that's when I started thinking about it, but like I said, I'm good at talking myself out of things, so I sat on that feeling (and just fed it bits of wistful self-doubt) for two years. But last month, I started taking some classes through the University's community course offerings. And I am still doubting myself and/or feeling terror at my lack of talent at times, but I'm doing it anyway.

(I feel like part of my motivation is the approaching three oh - I'm 27 in a month, and I want to take advantage of my youth before my body starts to feel the creaks and cracks of age. And it's not like I won't be able to do anything after I turn 30 - I realize I sound a little silly, and I think it's the right of anyone of a certain age to laugh at someone younger who is facing a _____life crisis. But, it is true that getting older does not make physical activities any easier. Even if I'm not as flexible and energetic as I was at 10 or 15 years old, I want to focus on what I can still do. I don't want to focus so much on how I "wasted" my adolescence that I hit 30 and then wonder why I wasted my 20s.)

First set of classes )