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Music:: "Turn Off the Light," Nelly Furtado
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I have the job. :D

I officially start tomorrow, at which point I'll have a real salary and be eligible to apply for benefits (starting next month). Which means I can sorta-kinda pretend to be a real grown-up now. Except not really.

Yay. :D
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I just got my final quarter grades in - my final grades kept my cumulative GPA above the threshold - I was so afraid that my last quarter would tip me off the edge - but it didn't! It's not just "pending"! It's real!

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Happy birthday to [ profile] kyonkun!!!
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My coworker just brought in her puppy. T_______________T

She's a 14-week old mutt (half German Shepherd, half unknown) with big feet and one floppy ear and a tail so long that when she turns her head and wags it hits her in the face. And when she gets nervous, she hiccups.

*iz ded*
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I checked my email this afternoon to find that I suddenly have a paid account and extra icons. For a year. O_O From [ profile] dedwardsauve, for no occasion other than random generosity?

I ... I don't even know what to do with this. 100 icons ... *brain goes splodey*

I have to go find icons now! But maybe not until I'm back in Seattle and have a high-speed connection again. XD;;

So, anyway: thanks to [ profile] dedwardsauve for an out-of-the-blue gift that just made my day. :D A boatload of Awesome Points for you.

My next announcement is for my fellow UW students who are not yet seniors: I got an announcement from the Women Studies mailing list about "Queer 101," a freshman seminar offered through the General Studies department as GEN ST 197. The email I got made it sound pretty worthwhile - an anti-oppression approach to queer experience and history. Also, upon looking at the other freshman seminars available (which are apparently open to all non-seniors), I actually found a few interesting topics, like "Students of Color Persisting in Higher Education."

I hadn't really looked at General Studies before, because I was under the assumption that the courses would be boring. But it looks like there are some quite interesting, specialized courses. It's too bad that I only noticed this now, when I don't have room in my schedule for extra classes. But I thought I'd share, for those of you who still might be able to take them.
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Okay, it's been several hours since the show, so I can come up with something more coherent than, "WICKED AHHHH WICKED AHHHH!!" :P

The review! )

Speaking of Wicked - [ profile] rivendellrose or [ profile] nekokoban, does one of you have my copy of the book? I lent it to your household last summer for one or both of you to read, but I keep forgetting to get it back.

Also, this is kind of random, but worth noting: after the show, we wandered around Barnes & Noble to kill time while the line for parking validation went down. I had worn a red qipao for the show, and a man commented to me that it was pretty. And it was ... nice. A polite compliment that wasn't at all invasive or creepy. He just said, "That's a very pretty dress," and then I looked at him and he met my eyes and smiled. That's all. No leering, no smirking, no sense of entitlement to anything just because he said something nice to me.

It was just a great example of how easy it is to give a nice compliment in a non-sexist, non-privileged way. So if anyone tries to say that it's hard to compliment a woman without it being mistaken for harassment: it's not. Even this crazy man-hating feminazi didn't misread it. XD;;
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Happy birthday to [ profile] ratzeo

my favorite blond ninja alien Canadian!

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The Official Blog, run by Tekanji, is a shiny geeky feminist blog I've been following for a while now. Recently Tekanji invited me to join as a guest blogger (whee!) and my first post is almost ready to go. Look for it today or tomorrow.

I'll be cross-posting all of my entries to my LJ anyway, but I highly recommend checking out the site. That way you won't be stuck reading just my blather. XD
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So now that I have some starting tips on digital coloring (thank you guys a ton!) I decided to give it a shot.

Now, since this is my first try at this, EVERYTHING is a source of joy and awe for me. Down to the basic act of erasing the white background of my original scanned lineart - [ profile] maho_kiwi showed me the secret by introducing me to the wonder of the Multiply function.

Me: Fine. We'll see if [ profile] maho_kiwi's magical trick will work. Frankly I'm skeptical and can't believe it would be that easy. *clicks*
Computer: *works*

Me: *fills in color* Now let's try shading ... *uses lasso tool*
Computer *works AGAIN*

And so on.


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